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How it Works

Choose a Professional Design

Always have the right resume for the job.

Whether it's a mind-blowing web portfolio or a professional PDF resume, Resume Builder has the right design for the job.

Every Resume Builder template is carefully crafted to beat the 6 second test - helping you get from application to interview.

Create your Resume in Minutes

Bring your resume to life

Easily import your existing work data and bring it to life with images, video, and powerpoint presentations.

Resume Builder gives you the best of both worlds, an interactive web portfolio, coupled with a professional PDF resume. It’s a 1- 2 punch that is guaranteed to impress employers.

Publish as an Online CV or PDF

The easiest way to create a personal website

Mobile friendly and optimized for search engines, your online Resume Builder is your personal professional website - complete with promotional tools like email marketing and social sharing.

For traditional job applications, export to a pixel-perfect PDF in one click.

Send and track your Resume

Automatic email tracking and detailed analytics

Use Resume Builder's in-app emailer to share your resume, and get notified when your email is opened. It's like having your own email marketing software.

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